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  • DJS Research Appoints Four; Bolsters Research and Operations
    Thu, 24th Jul 2014
    DJS Research Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of four full-time, permanent members of staff. Callum McCulloch and ...... Read More

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Survey Reveals Best and Worst Value City-Break Destinations in Europe and USAbout The Authors

22nd June 2012 05:15 - Transport and Distribution

A new survey by Post Office Travel Money has uncovered the best value places for a short holiday escape.

Of 23 city-break destinations across Europe and the USA, the Latvian capital of Riga was found to offers the best value city-break in terms of travel, one-night accommodation, meals, drinks and sightseeing. Short term holiday costs in Riga total £121.47.

This total contrasts with the most expensive European city – Stockholm at £298.27 on average. Meanwhile, the highest-priced destination in both Europe and the US was New York, where the total would amount to £331.33.

The second best value city-break in Europe is Budapest at £129.72, followed by Tallinn in Estonia at £134.83, Belfast at £172.80 and Dublin at £174.15.

The pound is now stronger than it was a year ago against both euro and non-euro currencies – these improved currency rates make European cities more affordably appealing for British tourists.

In addition, the study confirmed that Budapest is currently the cheapest city to eat out, Lisbon has the best-value light refreshments, while Riga, Tallinn and Belfast have the cheapest three-star hotels. Belfast along with Dublin was also found to have the cheapest sightseeing trips.

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