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  • DJS Research Appoints Four; Bolsters Research and Operations
    Thu, 24th Jul 2014
    DJS Research Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of four full-time, permanent members of staff. Callum McCulloch and ...... Read More

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  • Study Reveals UK Rates BlackBerry Best Smartphone
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    Wed, 9th Feb 2011 A new study by UK-based market research company Canalys has shown that in the fourth quarter of 2010, Google’s ......Read More
  • Market Research Warns Mobile Strategies Should Focus More on Android
    Thu, 20th Jan 2011 New research has revealed that UK users prefer the Android operating system to most other smartphones. This sends a ......Read More

Market Research Discovers Key to Telecoms Growth in 2013 is InnovationAbout The Authors

24th October 2012 08:02 - Telecommunications


The latest annual survey by Informa, which questioned over 500 senior executives in the telecoms and media sectors, has revealed that innovation is a key priority for 2013 to drive future revenue growth.

The study found that service innovation was rated as the most important focus for telecoms and TV operators, followed by innovative business models, partnerships, customer service and networks.

When asked to what extent, as individuals, the surveyants felt they were personally rewarded for being innovative in their work, three out of four gave a score of between three and five (on a scale of one being ‘low reward’ and five being ‘high reward’).

The executives further said that in terms of the types of companies that provide the largest sources of innovation, the consensus was that in the telecoms market the wider community of Internet and applications developers are the most important players.

In the TV industry however, content creators and producers are still seen as being the most important source of innovation.

Finally, when questioned about their perception about the state of the market and revenue prospects for 2013, the respondents were generally positive, with nearly 40% claiming there are strong opportunities for both vendors and operators in their home markets.

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