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  • Global Bioscience Market Research Underway At DJS Research Ltd
    Tue, 23rd Sep 2014
    DJS Research is currently engaged in a global market research study for one of the world’s largest ...... Read More

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Opinion Poll Finds Britons Want Better Press RegulationAbout The Authors

22nd October 2012 09:36 - Media and PR


A new report resulting from an opinion poll commissioned by the Carnegie Trust and think-tank Demos has revealed that the British public want more say in the regulation of the nation's media.

In total, three fifths (63%) of the surveyants were in favour of the Government getting involved in setting up a new press watchdog, but a bigger majority of 77% said they preferred independent regulation.

Furthermore, three fifths also supported the public having a role in press regulation and just over half backed judges being involved.

Overall however, the consensus is that Britons are strongly in favour of radical reforms of the current regulatory regime – many want the Press Complaints Commission (PPC), which was heavily criticised during the Leveson inquiry, replaced with an independent regulator.

The market research found that 63% of the public feel they should have an input on setting guidelines for the future and they also want to weigh in once Lord Justice Leveson publishes his recommendations for a new regulatory body in November or December.

Chief Executive of The Carnegie Trust, Martyn Evans, commented: "The nation was outraged by the intrusion into the lives of 'normal' people, like Milly Dowler's family during the phone-hacking scandal, and an overwhelming sense that the press have, in some cases, gone too far.”

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